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Since I closed my etsy store some time ago, you can buy pieces directly by sending me an email or commenting on my blog. Just tell me what the caption was or describe to me what you liked and I can give you price and availability. Many have figured this out but for those who have asked there it is.  Art and Commerce are like a horse and carriage?

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Copper and Pearls

Copper and Pearls

Spring necklace 2013

Spring necklace 2013

Spring 2013Spring 2013


When the warm weather rolls in, I am thinking, I should say daydreaming about a long walk on a deserted beach…  But not this week.  Hopefully that can become a reality again one of these days.  For now, how  about some beach-y ear rings?

I am slowly learning to use my digital camera, part of it might be my eyesight.  Anyhow, I have been back at it this week and am documenting some of my own jewelry, meaning stuff I wear and is not for sale like the rest of the stuff you usually see.  Most of the pieces I make for myself have some element that has sentimental value.  I’m not so into fine jewelry, not that I don’t have an appreciation for it, it’s just not my style.  Here are a few of my things…

Momento bracelet


















Talley's Braces and yes, they were properly sterilized!

…when she said the older you get the faster time goes!  I am trying to get work photographed and documented before I sell it these days.  So much to learn with my computer and camera!  Anyhow, I made this pair of earrings for my niece from a treasured piece of broken jewelry with the help of my son who is much better than I with a jewelry saw.  I think she will love them.

Hope to update things more often!


It has been an interesting year and I am happy to be healthy and surrounded by great people (related and not) that I love spending time with, you know who you are.  Thankfully the winter has been mild so far and the sun is still shining most days.  I am in the process of sorting, trashing and re-org-ing my workspaces and am giving myself until the end of January to do it…it’s a big job.  I hope to see and or hear from you in the coming months and I aim to post more regularly as I have many projects to share as I get better with my camera and photograph them.

Attached is a photo from a Holiday party of my dear friend Debra wearing a collar I made some years ago with some pieces of my grandmother’s jewelry.  Hope the New Year is a healthy and happy one for us all!

Collar a la Marie

Hi everyone, I want to let you all know that my jewelry is now available at a great little gallery I happened on one day while walking around the Lyn Lake Area in Minneapolis a few weeks ago.  Regla De Oro has a great mix of Art and Craft, support local and fair trade artists and are in a wonderful location…with a little parking lot to boot.  In addition to some of  my work, she has these very cool “flip stone” rings and  many other well priced gift items.  I hope those of you in town here will stop by and check them out.   Tell Jessica (the owner) I sent you!

We are in the midst of a hot spell, not that that would be uncommon in August but it has been particularly humid which is atypical for the prairie.  As a result I have been spending some time in the cool blue water of my neighbors pool.  It so happens one of those neighbors is a photographer, graphic designer, marketing pro as well, I’ve used her photos before but don’t you love this one she took of some earrings I made (from retro buttons) floating on some fabric in said pool?  I’ll be listing these on etsy soon!  Arrivederci.

It’s been a couple of busy weeks, lots of projects in progress but not a lot finished.  You know how that goes.  My friend Andrea is a fabulous photographer among other things and has been taking some MUCH better photo’s of some of the jewelry I will be listing on etsy.  Sometimes you really have to go to the trained professionals!

Tomorrow I am off  to a wonderful artist retreat thrown by the very talented and supportive Sara Lukinen of C Koop Beads .  Last year when I got back from there I was inspired to do a few little chicken drawings and make them into a set of pins.  I do lots of these little black and white drawings and it seemed like a good way to use them.  Looking forward to seeing what all these ladies have been up to since I saw them last!

Getting ready for dueling sales this weekend, Ted is doing a HUGE record sale so I decided to do a big Jewelry sale too.  This Saturday from 10 to 4,  and Sunday noon to 3.  Stop on by, everything is priced to sell!  Let’s hope for good weather.

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