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I am having an attack of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) due to the fact that I am not truly a hearty mid-westerner, though I have played one on TV for the past 24 years.  This cold is really getting to me and I need to snap out of it!  I was looking through photos from warmer days so I thought I would share this one from Labor day weekend 2010.  We usually go up to a friend’s cabin and there is lots of time to take walks in the woods, sit down by the lake on the dock etc…  and this year I did a series of these little nature portraits.  There was an abundance of great textures and I came back from a stroll with my pockets FULL.  The first time I made stuff like this was about 10 years ago when I was doing a “portrait a day”  inspired by an artist and teacher named Mimi Holmes.  We were selling work in a local shop and this (project a day or week) was an idea she used with her students.  About a year later I decided to do a self portrait a day for a year and when I was on vacation in Jamaica, I made some portraits from things I found on the beach and photographed them.  Ever since then I have been doing them with stuff I find in the yard or wherever.  My friend Elsa Mora did a book of amazing flower people a couple years ago, check it out, all of her work is spectacular.    It may be time for me to do another project a day to re-focus and get my mind off this weather induced slump because we still have a few more months of winter!  Anyhow, stay warm and keep working, I will do the same.

Getting ready for dueling sales this weekend, Ted is doing a HUGE record sale so I decided to do a big Jewelry sale too.  This Saturday from 10 to 4,  and Sunday noon to 3.  Stop on by, everything is priced to sell!  Let’s hope for good weather.

I finally finished this little piece last week.  I started it in March but have had too much going on that kept bumping it down the list of priorities.  I need a class on better time management or a ‘lovely assistant’ to manage all the tasks I wish would just go away!  The little gray bunny reminded me of our pet Stew, may he Rest in Peace.

Recycled chain with a handmade steel wire ball

I have been busy making earrings for the Jewelry Sale I am doing at the Commodore Hotel (this coming Monday evening June 7th from 4 to 8).  Other than that I started doing a very hilly bike ride which I hope to do several (meaning at LEAST 3) times a week to increase my fitness level for the summer.  Wish me luck!  If only it could be achieved floating in my neighbor’s pool…

I have been making noise in our garage this week doing 24 pins for our community radio station KFAI, which has been really fun.  The weather was great and I got a pile of very cool small stuff to incorporate into them from the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting.  They were kind enough to let me dig through the drawers in their repair shop for stuff to use.  More photos are on my Flickr stream!

…my first blog entry.

At the urging of (and with much help and encouragement from) my friends and family I’ll be sharing my artistic creations through this blog. I will be posting images of a variety of my  outlets; drawings, good food, jewelry, mixed media pieces, or whatever else I can capture for you that is currently adding beauty to my world.

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