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Owl 1

I have had my head down in my studio making things for Holiday shows.  Just finished this little batch of Owlets made from old wool and vintage buttons.  I made nice hammered steel wire hooks for them too.  Each are perched upon a twig from my local park.  Pretty groovy huh?  When I finished this morning I realized that Turkey day is almost here…I’m on it!  Have a Happy one!

Will put up more new stuff soon!

Fall Harvest

Well I have been home a few weeks now and the first thing I did since we had not had frost, was finish harvesting the remains of our garden.  Lots of spinach, kale and a couple varieties of  basil.  This (picture) purple variety was flowering like crazy so I cut it and brought it in as a bouquet…a very fragrant one at that.  Other than that I have been doing shows selling jewelry and some cool ornaments made from these beautiful old wooden leaves we had.  I formed and hammered  some heavy annealed steel hooks and wired them together with trade beads and assorted beads made form fruit stones and nuts and voila!

Getting ready for dueling sales this weekend, Ted is doing a HUGE record sale so I decided to do a big Jewelry sale too.  This Saturday from 10 to 4,  and Sunday noon to 3.  Stop on by, everything is priced to sell!  Let’s hope for good weather.

I finally finished this little piece last week.  I started it in March but have had too much going on that kept bumping it down the list of priorities.  I need a class on better time management or a ‘lovely assistant’ to manage all the tasks I wish would just go away!  The little gray bunny reminded me of our pet Stew, may he Rest in Peace.

Recycled chain with a handmade steel wire ball

I have been busy making earrings for the Jewelry Sale I am doing at the Commodore Hotel (this coming Monday evening June 7th from 4 to 8).  Other than that I started doing a very hilly bike ride which I hope to do several (meaning at LEAST 3) times a week to increase my fitness level for the summer.  Wish me luck!  If only it could be achieved floating in my neighbor’s pool…

…my first blog entry.

At the urging of (and with much help and encouragement from) my friends and family I’ll be sharing my artistic creations through this blog. I will be posting images of a variety of my  outlets; drawings, good food, jewelry, mixed media pieces, or whatever else I can capture for you that is currently adding beauty to my world.

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