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I laid in bed snuggled under the covers listening to the radio until I heard the good news that the groundhog did not see his shadow this morning!  Perhaps I am hanging my hopes on a superstition but though you can take the girl out of Pennsylvania…well, you know the rest.  The sun is shining and I live in hope that at least in PA there will be only 6 more weeks of winter.  In the meantime, we are bundled up to ward off the extreme cold with polar fleece vests, over sweatshirts, wearing our fingerless gloves and warm boots!  This is a pair I painted for a friend, (many years ago) I hope they are still keeping her toasty and warm.  She is a transplant from southern California and the climate change was quite a shock for her.  I had never seen a pair of UGG’s until she asked me to “do something” with these, but then, she was always quite the trend setter.

Stay warm, spring is just around the corner!  And if you have anything you want me to alter for you, just let me know…



…my first blog entry.

At the urging of (and with much help and encouragement from) my friends and family I’ll be sharing my artistic creations through this blog. I will be posting images of a variety of my  outlets; drawings, good food, jewelry, mixed media pieces, or whatever else I can capture for you that is currently adding beauty to my world.

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May 2022