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It’s that time again, the air has chilled and the Makers are preparing their new work for this annual event. Hope you can make it, bring our friends. As usual there will be a great variety of items for sale; jewelry, paintings, prints, knit ware, pottery and more.2018 sale flyer

My daughter bought these black shoes at Target this fall when she was home for a visit and then let me embellish them. I was in a late October, Day of the Dead frame of mind. I had a great time working on them.



Come see new works tomorrow by these artists. Get a jump on your Holiday Shopping!


Hi everyone, I have been a very bad blogger lately but wanted to do a quick update to show some of the new items I will be selling at a sale this Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm at the home of my friend Joy. Seven other local artists will be selling too. Pottery, paintings, printmaking, handknit and crochet, books and illustrations, jewelry and more. Please stop by and have a glass of wine and browse or at least enjoy some of our cookies. Here is a sneak peek.

full moon ride on the High Trestle Trail Ride, Slater to Madrid, Iowa. Fantastic!



Ted's entry into the Easter 2013 Peep Diorama Contest.

Ted’s entry into the Easter 2013 Peep Diorama Contest. Poops.

Joy's entry. Pop art Peeps.
Joy’s entry. Pop art Peeps.

Jackie's entry Angry Peeps
Jackie’s entry Angry Peeps.

So a couple years ago I put an end to The Traditional Easter Basket and decided that entry to the family Easter meal (buona Pasqua!) would be a home made Peep’s Diorama.  I had heard someone mention that the Washington Post or someone had done a story on these kookie dioramas, it sounded like fun. I wish I had taken more photos last year but I did snap a few this year.  I think this new tradition has caught on!  The entries were hilarious.  They are truly an insight into the eyes of the makers… Who do you vote for? Please do not penalize contestants for the lack of photography skills on my part.

And yes, I do realize Easter is long gone…I am a little behind and out of sequence.  Perhaps an insight into me.

Peepcaso Museum by Talley diorama entry

Peepcaso Museum by Talley.

Izzy's Peep Show

Izzy’s Peep Show.

Peeps Diorama by Mark and Jean. Peeps Wide Shut.

Peeps Diorama by Mark and Jean. Peeps Wide Shut.

Peep Corn diorama by EmTuck

Peep Corn diorama by EmTuck

il Peep-a. My entry to this years peep diorama contest in honor of the new kid on the Papal block.

il Peep-a. My entry to this years peep diorama contest in honor of the new kid on the Papal block. Bless our heathen souls.

So, About 7 weeks ago I was on SKYPE with my sister Lou and she was very excited.She had just booked a very last minute trip to italy to attend a conference with other bloggers interested in the region of Italy our mother’s family is from.  It would be Abruzzo food and wine and travel lovers.  I decided to join her for the trip!  It was as I said all very last minute, and I am SO glad I decided to go.  I will be posting some photos from the trip but if you check out the other attendees you will no doubt see much much more. Will put up some links as I go too.  Keep in mind that ALL of these people are serious bloggers, not dabblers like myself.  I hope you enjoy. This is Lou and Giovanni, we were having dinner at his daughter Cinzia’s and Lou was showing him old family photos on her iPad. The grappa was delicious!Image


Dramatic skies over Sulmona

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