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Well the big spring sales are behind me and I am busy making new things.  I will also be selling work at a beautiful and relatively new salon in Edina called BESPOKE Hair Artisans.  Check them out, great stylists and spa treatments in a beautiful environment and free parking to boot!  Other than new earrings and working to pay the man (or is that men?) there is gardening to be done and sunshine to be enjoyed! Hope you are doing some enjoying yourselves…

Red Thread Tassel Earrings

Resin and brass Chain Earrings

Metal leaves and Faceted Quartz Earrings


I am slowly learning to use my digital camera, part of it might be my eyesight.  Anyhow, I have been back at it this week and am documenting some of my own jewelry, meaning stuff I wear and is not for sale like the rest of the stuff you usually see.  Most of the pieces I make for myself have some element that has sentimental value.  I’m not so into fine jewelry, not that I don’t have an appreciation for it, it’s just not my style.  Here are a few of my things…

Momento bracelet


















Talley's Braces and yes, they were properly sterilized!

…when she said the older you get the faster time goes!  I am trying to get work photographed and documented before I sell it these days.  So much to learn with my computer and camera!  Anyhow, I made this pair of earrings for my niece from a treasured piece of broken jewelry with the help of my son who is much better than I with a jewelry saw.  I think she will love them.

Hope to update things more often!


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday for one day only from 11am to 4pm.  My first sale of the season is tomorrow November 27th at Regla De Oro Gallery in Uptown.  I am one of three artists showing and it is a beautiful shop with a great variety of gifts, please stop over.  Address as well as info on the other artists can be found on the website under EVENTS. Hope to see you there!

Regla De Oro is at 3007 Lyndale Ave. S. in Minneapolis, MN 55408.  612-886-1247

The shop is on Lyndale, just south of Lake Street on the East side of the street, there is a small lot just south of the store or metered street parking on both sides of Lyndale. Look for the green awning.

Below are photos of a few of the things from my bag of tricks!

Owl Ornament

Vintage Button Earrings

Wooden Leaf Ornament with Hand Forged Hook

Well, since my last post rejoicing the arrival of Spring, it has come and gone.  That should be no surprise after 25 years in Minnesota but let’s just say I am a slow learner.  Anyhow, this week was the birthday of a dear friend who is an amazing botanical (and nature in general) illustrator; the blossoming of a beautiful walking iris given to me by a master gardening friend; and I am photographing all the flower/nature inspired earrings and jewelry I have been making then uploading to my Flickr photos.  So, though the weather has not been co-operating so much, I am celebrating Spring in the hopes that it returns soon; like hopefully the day after the 5 inches of snow we are being threatened with!  At any rate, hippity-hop and Happy Easter, Passover or Spring to you all.

Walking Iris, Thank you Susan!

Vintage Glass & Brass Vine Earrings

Earrings for Talley

Barb's bee's

Earrings for Barb

I have been on an earring making BINGE.  I finally stopped today to get stuff photographed and uploaded to my Flickr feed.   It is mostly earrings but there are some other fun things too.  Check them out, all except the two listed here are still for sale…  I think I have Spring Fever and I hope it lasts!

















I have been sitting in my sunny studio window cranking out earrings this week.  And basically doing anything else I can do in that sunny spot.  I guess I am pre-occupied with weather this winter.  What have you been up to?

One of these pairs is sold already so let me know if you see anything you need.  I’ll post more soon…

This is another photo taken by my talented friend Andrea out by her pool of some sterling silver and faceted quartz earrings.  I will list them on etsy today.  My days are now pretty focused on prepping for a trip to Italy with mia sorella Mary Lou.  We leave in less than 3 weeks!  I will be blogging along the way and hope to show you some of the less traveled parts of the Abruzzi region where our grandparents came from.  Much of it is skipped over in travel guides so we will just write our own chapter as we go.   Much to do before I leave…Ciao!

We are in the midst of a hot spell, not that that would be uncommon in August but it has been particularly humid which is atypical for the prairie.  As a result I have been spending some time in the cool blue water of my neighbors pool.  It so happens one of those neighbors is a photographer, graphic designer, marketing pro as well, I’ve used her photos before but don’t you love this one she took of some earrings I made (from retro buttons) floating on some fabric in said pool?  I’ll be listing these on etsy soon!  Arrivederci.

Getting ready for dueling sales this weekend, Ted is doing a HUGE record sale so I decided to do a big Jewelry sale too.  This Saturday from 10 to 4,  and Sunday noon to 3.  Stop on by, everything is priced to sell!  Let’s hope for good weather.

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