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It has been an interesting year and I am happy to be healthy and surrounded by great people (related and not) that I love spending time with, you know who you are.  Thankfully the winter has been mild so far and the sun is still shining most days.  I am in the process of sorting, trashing and re-org-ing my workspaces and am giving myself until the end of January to do it…it’s a big job.  I hope to see and or hear from you in the coming months and I aim to post more regularly as I have many projects to share as I get better with my camera and photograph them.

Attached is a photo from a Holiday party of my dear friend Debra wearing a collar I made some years ago with some pieces of my grandmother’s jewelry.  Hope the New Year is a healthy and happy one for us all!

Collar a la Marie


Well, since my last post rejoicing the arrival of Spring, it has come and gone.  That should be no surprise after 25 years in Minnesota but let’s just say I am a slow learner.  Anyhow, this week was the birthday of a dear friend who is an amazing botanical (and nature in general) illustrator; the blossoming of a beautiful walking iris given to me by a master gardening friend; and I am photographing all the flower/nature inspired earrings and jewelry I have been making then uploading to my Flickr photos.  So, though the weather has not been co-operating so much, I am celebrating Spring in the hopes that it returns soon; like hopefully the day after the 5 inches of snow we are being threatened with!  At any rate, hippity-hop and Happy Easter, Passover or Spring to you all.

Walking Iris, Thank you Susan!

Vintage Glass & Brass Vine Earrings

Owl 1

I have had my head down in my studio making things for Holiday shows.  Just finished this little batch of Owlets made from old wool and vintage buttons.  I made nice hammered steel wire hooks for them too.  Each are perched upon a twig from my local park.  Pretty groovy huh?  When I finished this morning I realized that Turkey day is almost here…I’m on it!  Have a Happy one!

Will put up more new stuff soon!

Sorrento Lingue garden view.

Sorrento Lingue, Mount Vesuvius view from classroom window.

Tomorrow is our last day of language classes and then we will have a few days of sightseeing.  My bathing suit has disappeared from the clothes line, hopefully someone grabbed it accidentally and it will re-appear or I will be swimming in Positano in my underwear.  I realise that none of you will have he least bit of sympathy for my plight, just rest assured, there will be NO pictures if I do!  A couple more shots from out the windows at Sorrento Lingue…

I am coming down from a fun filled birthday week.  An impromptu dinner with my son and his girlfriend at Cuzzy’s.   Homemade pasta dinner with friends TWICE.  Another dinner with friends we never see enough of.  Fresh baked Peach pie…twice.  Bike ride and brunch with Barb.  We saw Brian Auger (he’s 71!) at the Dakota with friends…it was so good we stayed for both shows.   Emails from two friends I haven’t heard from in ages.   A delicious poolside party with most of la famiglia at our friends across the street.  I even met a new friend!  Beer with a neighbor we don’t see often enough.  Lots of birthday wishes from far flung friends and family.  I am feelin’ the love.  Now I am checking things off the list for my upcoming trip to Italy, but  before that will be Labor Day Weekend with friends.  I was just winding down for the night when I saw this email.  It is the work of Dalton Ghetti, it is AMAZING!  Also see Silvermine site too.  That is inspiration to get the lead out!

It’s been a couple of busy weeks, lots of projects in progress but not a lot finished.  You know how that goes.  My friend Andrea is a fabulous photographer among other things and has been taking some MUCH better photo’s of some of the jewelry I will be listing on etsy.  Sometimes you really have to go to the trained professionals!

I finally finished this little piece last week.  I started it in March but have had too much going on that kept bumping it down the list of priorities.  I need a class on better time management or a ‘lovely assistant’ to manage all the tasks I wish would just go away!  The little gray bunny reminded me of our pet Stew, may he Rest in Peace.

Recycled chain with a handmade steel wire ball

I have been busy making earrings for the Jewelry Sale I am doing at the Commodore Hotel (this coming Monday evening June 7th from 4 to 8).  Other than that I started doing a very hilly bike ride which I hope to do several (meaning at LEAST 3) times a week to increase my fitness level for the summer.  Wish me luck!  If only it could be achieved floating in my neighbor’s pool…

Shell dwgs Florida 2010

Before we headed out on our road trip, I found this blank book of  Strathmore Watercolor paper postcards in the discount bin at an art supply store.  Next time maybe i’ll take some watercolors too!  Here is one of the drawings I did of shells from Sanibel Island.

…my first blog entry.

At the urging of (and with much help and encouragement from) my friends and family I’ll be sharing my artistic creations through this blog. I will be posting images of a variety of my  outlets; drawings, good food, jewelry, mixed media pieces, or whatever else I can capture for you that is currently adding beauty to my world.

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