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Well the big spring sales are behind me and I am busy making new things.  I will also be selling work at a beautiful and relatively new salon in Edina called BESPOKE Hair Artisans.  Check them out, great stylists and spa treatments in a beautiful environment and free parking to boot!  Other than new earrings and working to pay the man (or is that men?) there is gardening to be done and sunshine to be enjoyed! Hope you are doing some enjoying yourselves…

Red Thread Tassel Earrings

Resin and brass Chain Earrings

Metal leaves and Faceted Quartz Earrings

We started the New Year off with a bang surrounded by friends, good food and libation and lot’s of laughs.  And at midnight, thanks to a local neighbor association we could see fireworks from our living room window to boot.  During the evening there was some rum fueled conversation about resolutions and such and I committed to do a drawing a day in 2012.  Yes, I had been thinking about it because when I made the attempt 8 years ago I fell a little short.  Wish me more luck this time please! Other promises were made for “a day” feats like: a poem, a blog post, a drink (think alcoholic beverage), and some that will remain open to your imagination.  I am wishing us all well and am putting no pressure on myself as to the quality of the finished product, it’s more to establish better habits as I see it. Below is a photo from friend, neighbor, graphic designer and photographer Andrea of the Lentil soup I made to start the year with good luck. Photos of the daily doodles…soon come.

Lentils for good luck!

It has been an interesting year and I am happy to be healthy and surrounded by great people (related and not) that I love spending time with, you know who you are.  Thankfully the winter has been mild so far and the sun is still shining most days.  I am in the process of sorting, trashing and re-org-ing my workspaces and am giving myself until the end of January to do it…it’s a big job.  I hope to see and or hear from you in the coming months and I aim to post more regularly as I have many projects to share as I get better with my camera and photograph them.

Attached is a photo from a Holiday party of my dear friend Debra wearing a collar I made some years ago with some pieces of my grandmother’s jewelry.  Hope the New Year is a healthy and happy one for us all!

Collar a la Marie

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday for one day only from 11am to 4pm.  My first sale of the season is tomorrow November 27th at Regla De Oro Gallery in Uptown.  I am one of three artists showing and it is a beautiful shop with a great variety of gifts, please stop over.  Address as well as info on the other artists can be found on the website under EVENTS. Hope to see you there!

Regla De Oro is at 3007 Lyndale Ave. S. in Minneapolis, MN 55408.  612-886-1247

The shop is on Lyndale, just south of Lake Street on the East side of the street, there is a small lot just south of the store or metered street parking on both sides of Lyndale. Look for the green awning.

Below are photos of a few of the things from my bag of tricks!

Owl Ornament

Vintage Button Earrings

Wooden Leaf Ornament with Hand Forged Hook

Hi everyone, I want to let you all know that my jewelry is now available at a great little gallery I happened on one day while walking around the Lyn Lake Area in Minneapolis a few weeks ago.  Regla De Oro has a great mix of Art and Craft, support local and fair trade artists and are in a wonderful location…with a little parking lot to boot.  In addition to some of  my work, she has these very cool “flip stone” rings and  many other well priced gift items.  I hope those of you in town here will stop by and check them out.   Tell Jessica (the owner) I sent you!

I am hunkered downstairs in my studio which thankfully has lot’s of windows getting organized to photograph and start listing my new owls (see previous posts) and such on etsy and another site called which was mentioned by another artist I know.  Anyone out there know anything about it or used it?  These photos of my studio were taken at night, but during the day I am often startled by the deer and bunnies going by out there.  They are all fluffed out because it is so COLD!

Nature ornaments or pulls


crazy chickens

Scarecrow pirate and friends


Stew, three poses



Owl 2

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful feedback this week!  Here is another Owl.  I will list a few on my etsy site as soon as I can!  There were 16  of them total, down to 14 already!

Owl 1

I have had my head down in my studio making things for Holiday shows.  Just finished this little batch of Owlets made from old wool and vintage buttons.  I made nice hammered steel wire hooks for them too.  Each are perched upon a twig from my local park.  Pretty groovy huh?  When I finished this morning I realized that Turkey day is almost here…I’m on it!  Have a Happy one!

Will put up more new stuff soon!

Fall Harvest

Well I have been home a few weeks now and the first thing I did since we had not had frost, was finish harvesting the remains of our garden.  Lots of spinach, kale and a couple varieties of  basil.  This (picture) purple variety was flowering like crazy so I cut it and brought it in as a bouquet…a very fragrant one at that.  Other than that I have been doing shows selling jewelry and some cool ornaments made from these beautiful old wooden leaves we had.  I formed and hammered  some heavy annealed steel hooks and wired them together with trade beads and assorted beads made form fruit stones and nuts and voila!

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