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…when she said the older you get the faster time goes!  I am trying to get work photographed and documented before I sell it these days.  So much to learn with my computer and camera!  Anyhow, I made this pair of earrings for my niece from a treasured piece of broken jewelry with the help of my son who is much better than I with a jewelry saw.  I think she will love them.

Hope to update things more often!


A few weekends ago I took part in a Valentini dinner which was auctioned off at a Smile Network fundraiser.  The Valentini family all grew up around Valentini’s Supper Club in Chisholm, MN.  Needless to say, many of them are exceptional cooks.  This event is always a lot of fun and raises money for a great cause.  I am always happy to be an honorary member of the family for this event!  I made the gazpacho, but this great photo is from photographer Marty Berglin.  The rest of the menu was really spectacular too.  Basil, nasturtiums and chives all from my garden!

Ink and colored pencil

Had the opportunity to meet and work with a great group of people last week which was intense and fun and now I am cleaning and sorting in order to clear my mind.  In the process I found a bunch of old drawings and thought I’d post this one of some spring peas.

All this organizing has me contemplating a clearance sale of all the stuff I have that I am not using, jewelry I made a while back etc…  I’ll let you know if and when!

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