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Well, since my last post rejoicing the arrival of Spring, it has come and gone.  That should be no surprise after 25 years in Minnesota but let’s just say I am a slow learner.  Anyhow, this week was the birthday of a dear friend who is an amazing botanical (and nature in general) illustrator; the blossoming of a beautiful walking iris given to me by a master gardening friend; and I am photographing all the flower/nature inspired earrings and jewelry I have been making then uploading to my Flickr photos.  So, though the weather has not been co-operating so much, I am celebrating Spring in the hopes that it returns soon; like hopefully the day after the 5 inches of snow we are being threatened with!  At any rate, hippity-hop and Happy Easter, Passover or Spring to you all.

Walking Iris, Thank you Susan!

Vintage Glass & Brass Vine Earrings

Both my sister Lou and I made it to Italy without a hitch, no flight delays, no air traffic control strike, just buona fortuna!  Mille grazie San Antonio (patron saint of travellers for you who are not up on the lives of the saints)!  We spent a couple days in Rome at the apartment of our cousin Marina and her kids Manu (15) and Giulia (24) getting caught up, shopping a bit and an afternoon walking around Rome with a friend from Minneapolis who got to town the same day.  Giulia and Manu were great tour guides, both love their city and know a lot about its history.  Giulia made us dinner and we sat, ate, talked, drank wine and stayed up too late.   Marina’s friend Alice joined us and offered to take us on a road trip and visit a few villages on the way up to San Giovanni Valdarno on Sunday.  More on that later, 6 people in a little Alfa Romeo (stick shift) zooming through the Tuscan countryside all talking at once…

Check out my sister Lou’s blog Ten Weeks in Italy for a more literate look at our trip too!

We are back from the Minnesota Iron Range and a wonderful weekend at the Valentini family cabin with a gang of our friends.  We relaxed, biked, ate, visited and sauna’d and now I am revived for my upcoming trip.  Got some running around to do and then I am off to the airport!  My friend Marty, filmmaker and photographer extraordinaire, did quick shots of some of the nature and junk yard “portraits” I made up north.  I’ll leave you with this one, more to follow… Arriverderci kids!

Spring 2010

Went to visit my girlfriend’s mom up in Chisholm, MN this weekend which is always fun.  On Saturday we took a drive out of town and saw fields of lupines!  I have never seen them en masse like that outside of west Texas.  It was really beautiful,  I’ll post more photo’s on  flickr and some from our gardens too.    Enjoy…

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