So, About 7 weeks ago I was on SKYPE with my sister Lou and she was very excited.She had just booked a very last minute trip to italy to attend a conference with other bloggers interested in the region of Italy our mother’s family is from.  It would be Abruzzo food and wine and travel lovers.  I decided to join her for the trip!  It was as I said all very last minute, and I am SO glad I decided to go.  I will be posting some photos from the trip but if you check out the other attendees you will no doubt see much much more. Will put up some links as I go too.  Keep in mind that ALL of these people are serious bloggers, not dabblers like myself.  I hope you enjoy. This is Lou and Giovanni, we were having dinner at his daughter Cinzia’s and Lou was showing him old family photos on her iPad. The grappa was delicious!Image


Dramatic skies over Sulmona

I am so excited to spend this Saturday with my good friend Jean Campbell showing and selling our work in the Studio of Mark Teresa in The Casket Arts Building. Both of them have wonderful work and you might like some of mine as well.  Please come by if you are in town! Here’s the link with details:

Here is a sneak peek of my new work:Earrings IMG_0725 IMG_0710

Il Peep-a!

My entry for this years Easter Peep Diorama contest

Melissa's Pendant

My neighbor bought this beautiful pendant on a trip to Tucson this winter. She asked me to add a little length and string it on something other than the elastic it came on. I added a few copper rings and hung it on waxed cotton. A fun little project and a nice way to get caught up since we have all been so hunkered down this winter!

Dia de los Muertos earrings

Dia de Los Muertos earrings

It’s been some time since I have posted. Fact is the summer is just way too short up here on the prairie and in addition to that I started a new Job in May.  That said, winter is blowing in and it’s that time of year when I get hunkered down in my little room and get back to making things.  Here are a few of the 20 or so pair I made last week for Dia de Los Muertos.

Hope to have something else new for you by next week!

la mia sorella


Summer is way too short in the great northern prairie.  You have to get out before the weather turns or the mosquitoes come out.  In addition to those timing issues, I started a great new job and we had a short but very welcome visit from one of my sisters and her husband who were in the states for a driving trip.  It was fun, but now I miss them very much and have lots of paperwork and housework to catch up on!  I wish they would come back and distract me again…

When the warm weather rolls in, I am thinking, I should say daydreaming about a long walk on a deserted beach…  But not this week.  Hopefully that can become a reality again one of these days.  For now, how  about some beach-y ear rings?

Well the big spring sales are behind me and I am busy making new things.  I will also be selling work at a beautiful and relatively new salon in Edina called BESPOKE Hair Artisans.  Check them out, great stylists and spa treatments in a beautiful environment and free parking to boot!  Other than new earrings and working to pay the man (or is that men?) there is gardening to be done and sunshine to be enjoyed! Hope you are doing some enjoying yourselves…

Red Thread Tassel Earrings

Resin and brass Chain Earrings

Metal leaves and Faceted Quartz Earrings

If you have never been to Art-A-Whirl you may want to check it out this year.  The entire Warehouse District with all of it’s Artist Studios is open to the public.  There are all kinds of activities, music, food, etc…  Truly something for everyone!

I will be showing and of course selling some of my work with two other artists in the Keg House, you will find us on the bottom floor at the foot of the stairs. Please come by and see us! Click this link to the MAP, scroll down to the second map and the Keg House is in the bottom left corner of the enlarged portion. The link there to the Keg house gives the wrong location so just use the one I have provided!

Dates and times are on the Art-A-Whirl site link above.

Hope to see you there!

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December 2021