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The Amalfi coast is breathtaking, the climate is temperate, there are flowering plants, trees and vines growing out of everything and nothing (stone walls, rock cliffs practically thin air!).  We went to Naples today, about 8 of us, with Nunzia one of my teachers who lives there.  She took us around on foot to the historic sites and to her favourite pizza place.  Then we walked some more ending up at the Bay where some of us returned to Sorrento by boat.  Naples has a much different feel than Rome, it seems more spread out and spacious, also dirtier in places from trash and car exhaust.  I was really struck by the amount of graffiti, some of which was very cool.  Like most great cities, there is too much to see in an afternoon but we had a beautiful day!

Graffiti in Naples

More Graffiti in Naples

The Cloister at Santa Chiara, Naples

Castle on The Bay, Naples

Adriana and Walter D'Ilario on their balcony overlooking the Adriatic, where we had a beautiful lunch today.

It has been a fast four days here in Roseto degli Abruzzo, the birthplace of our nonni and home to cousins who redefine the word hospitality.  We have been fed and schlepped around and fed some more and we are feeling the love.  Check out my sister’s blog Ten Weeks in Italy for some great shots of the meals!  We are packed and ready to continue south west to Sorrento, our final week of school starts early Monday morning.  This sketch was from Orsan Michele in Florence, a detail from a heavy carved wooden lectern. I was attracted to the look of contentment, similar to what I am feeling now.  I am attaching some photos of the cousins too!

Anna and her pet turtle Gwendolina

Tomorrow I am off  to a wonderful artist retreat thrown by the very talented and supportive Sara Lukinen of C Koop Beads .  Last year when I got back from there I was inspired to do a few little chicken drawings and make them into a set of pins.  I do lots of these little black and white drawings and it seemed like a good way to use them.  Looking forward to seeing what all these ladies have been up to since I saw them last!

Here is the third drawing from my photo’s taken at the butterfly museum last winter.  Next week maybe I’ll do a little coloring for you.  It has been raining a fair amount this past week here and we have a very hardy crop of mosquitoes (more commonly known as the MN state bird),  perhaps I should be drawing them?

Arrivederci amigos!

Today my niece Emily taught me how to do a few very basic things in photo shop.  I am determined to improve my computer skills and with my crack team (thanks Gram, Ted, Talley and Emily) assisting me around the clock I am beginning to believe it could actually happen!  I hope to list some of these little drawings with some regularity.  Hope you enjoy them, they are a sort of yoga for my brain.  What do you do to unwind?

Ink and colored pencil

Had the opportunity to meet and work with a great group of people last week which was intense and fun and now I am cleaning and sorting in order to clear my mind.  In the process I found a bunch of old drawings and thought I’d post this one of some spring peas.

All this organizing has me contemplating a clearance sale of all the stuff I have that I am not using, jewelry I made a while back etc…  I’ll let you know if and when!

Shell dwgs Florida 2010

Before we headed out on our road trip, I found this blank book of  Strathmore Watercolor paper postcards in the discount bin at an art supply store.  Next time maybe i’ll take some watercolors too!  Here is one of the drawings I did of shells from Sanibel Island.

…my first blog entry.

At the urging of (and with much help and encouragement from) my friends and family I’ll be sharing my artistic creations through this blog. I will be posting images of a variety of my  outlets; drawings, good food, jewelry, mixed media pieces, or whatever else I can capture for you that is currently adding beauty to my world.

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