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We started the New Year off with a bang surrounded by friends, good food and libation and lot’s of laughs.  And at midnight, thanks to a local neighbor association we could see fireworks from our living room window to boot.  During the evening there was some rum fueled conversation about resolutions and such and I committed to do a drawing a day in 2012.  Yes, I had been thinking about it because when I made the attempt 8 years ago I fell a little short.  Wish me more luck this time please! Other promises were made for “a day” feats like: a poem, a blog post, a drink (think alcoholic beverage), and some that will remain open to your imagination.  I am wishing us all well and am putting no pressure on myself as to the quality of the finished product, it’s more to establish better habits as I see it. Below is a photo from friend, neighbor, graphic designer and photographer Andrea of the Lentil soup I made to start the year with good luck. Photos of the daily doodles…soon come.

Lentils for good luck!


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday for one day only from 11am to 4pm.  My first sale of the season is tomorrow November 27th at Regla De Oro Gallery in Uptown.  I am one of three artists showing and it is a beautiful shop with a great variety of gifts, please stop over.  Address as well as info on the other artists can be found on the website under EVENTS. Hope to see you there!

Regla De Oro is at 3007 Lyndale Ave. S. in Minneapolis, MN 55408.  612-886-1247

The shop is on Lyndale, just south of Lake Street on the East side of the street, there is a small lot just south of the store or metered street parking on both sides of Lyndale. Look for the green awning.

Below are photos of a few of the things from my bag of tricks!

Owl Ornament

Vintage Button Earrings

Wooden Leaf Ornament with Hand Forged Hook

Hello all, I have been keeping busy with preparation for shows/sales I will be doing this winter and am posting this little hand out I drew up with the basic information for all four of them.  Later this week or early next I will post links to the ones that have them and directions.  Hope to se you locals at whichever you can make it too, and any out of town-er’s…it would be a great surprise to see you too!

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I laid in bed snuggled under the covers listening to the radio until I heard the good news that the groundhog did not see his shadow this morning!  Perhaps I am hanging my hopes on a superstition but though you can take the girl out of Pennsylvania…well, you know the rest.  The sun is shining and I live in hope that at least in PA there will be only 6 more weeks of winter.  In the meantime, we are bundled up to ward off the extreme cold with polar fleece vests, over sweatshirts, wearing our fingerless gloves and warm boots!  This is a pair I painted for a friend, (many years ago) I hope they are still keeping her toasty and warm.  She is a transplant from southern California and the climate change was quite a shock for her.  I had never seen a pair of UGG’s until she asked me to “do something” with these, but then, she was always quite the trend setter.

Stay warm, spring is just around the corner!  And if you have anything you want me to alter for you, just let me know…



So it seems this was the season for practical gifting, altering, “pimping”, re-cycling, you get the picture.   Our friend Marty (a fabulous photographer and film maker) made a comment about taking his lunch to work one day and Ted (my resident genius), came up with the idea for me to pimp him a lunchbox.   I have lots of old camera parts from some previous scavenging so Ted ran to the local thrift shop and found this metal one.  After a little paint and some attaching, voila!  The effort was well worth the laughs we all got when Marty unwrapped it!

Nature ornaments or pulls


crazy chickens

Scarecrow pirate and friends


Stew, three poses



Adriana and Walter D'Ilario on their balcony overlooking the Adriatic, where we had a beautiful lunch today.

It has been a fast four days here in Roseto degli Abruzzo, the birthplace of our nonni and home to cousins who redefine the word hospitality.  We have been fed and schlepped around and fed some more and we are feeling the love.  Check out my sister’s blog Ten Weeks in Italy for some great shots of the meals!  We are packed and ready to continue south west to Sorrento, our final week of school starts early Monday morning.  This sketch was from Orsan Michele in Florence, a detail from a heavy carved wooden lectern. I was attracted to the look of contentment, similar to what I am feeling now.  I am attaching some photos of the cousins too!

Anna and her pet turtle Gwendolina

If anyone knows a foot reflexologist qui vicino di Firenze, please let me know.  We took the train there again today and it was a beautiful crowded( though not as much as I expected) Saturday.  There was a lot of activity in the streets from the train station to the duomo, fruit and vegetables , clothes, scarves, toys, drawings, paintings, snack foods and (my personal favorite) the plant vendors.  Flowering plants large and small were arranged so beautifully I could hardly walk on.  Going back this Friday to see Michelangelo’s David…very exciting! Check out the squares of  ‘plastic grass’ with the yellow and white flowers under the squash in the bottom photo!

It is no surprise to anyone that Italy has no shortage of art, but I was reminded walking through the streets of towns both large and small that these ancient places are alive and vibrant and the contemporary has always co-existed with the ancient.  Here are a few of the great works I have seen and was able to capture on…I almost just said film!  You know what I mean!

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