garden 2011 015   Well, here is another post I did a month ago and never published…  Really, I need an assistant, and while I am wishing…a patron!  Next post will not take a month because I am so excited about my new purchase…more on that soon.

Weekend before last we had dragged all our wicker chairs out back for a party and look what I found when I was brushing off the undersides to bring them back inside!  This cicada had just crawled out of his old shell which is on the same rung of the chair on the other side…couldn’t get it in the pic.  His wings have the most beautiful green outline!  It was hard to get a decent shot, he kept walking away from the camera.  I have a love hate relationship with bugs (hate being mostly for biters like mosquitoes and spiders) but I try and remind myself that they were here long before and will be long after me, so at least I admire them for their adaptability.  Pretty cool huh?