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Earrings for Talley

Barb's bee's

Earrings for Barb

I have been on an earring making BINGE.  I finally stopped today to get stuff photographed and uploaded to my Flickr feed.   It is mostly earrings but there are some other fun things too.  Check them out, all except the two listed here are still for sale…  I think I have Spring Fever and I hope it lasts!

Flowering tree in Mississippi

Last year around this time we were road tripping our way back from the Florida panhandle.  We stopped in some little town and found some great books in a used store and just outside was this amazing tree.  I still have no idea what it was, none of the locals we asked knew…which always amazes me.  We take so much for granted, and I am certainly guilty.   Anyhow, with the threat of spring in the air, knowing full well that it could get worse again before it’s really here to stay (at least up here on the prairie) I am looking for the robin’s and wishing you all a beautiful, flowering, green season and hoping all of us remember to stop and notice the  beauty.  Happy Spring!

While the weather outside is still quite cold, I am trying to bring on Spring!  I have been making bracelets etc… and I am finding myself drawn to wood.  I love it, it is the original neutral after all.  To compliment the wood I have mixed in little glass trade beads, they give a lot of bang for your buck, color-wise.   Can’t you picture an arm full of these bracelets with a summer skirt and T-shirt?  Bring it on…

Memory Wire bangle

stretchy bracelet












Stretchy bracelet

Stretchy bracelet

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