Well today our plan to visit Pompeii was dashed by weather, the mud would have required footware we weren’t travelling with so we laid low, did some chores that needed doing and walked around the new neighborhood in Sorrento where we were living since we left school. This was a regular working class neighborhood, out of the tourist district and off the main drag (where we originally lived)  outside what was left of the old city wall or ‘Antica Mura’.  We were on the third floor in the front of an apartment owned by the mother of Rosie who we had lived with during school.  The accomodation was great, our own bathroom,  a balcony that looked our over a little citrus and olive grove and every time she heard us come in during the day Mama came out of her apartment to greet us (solo in italian) and offer us a caffe which she delivered on a little tray to our door.  She was so nice and the place was nice, clean and economical!  One of the chores we did was to purchase more time on the internet plug in that Lou was using so we could email, etc.  The company is i wind and I think the italians know how funny this translation is to english speakers!  This sigh was on the door of the shop, I couldn’t resist!

This actually gains something in the translation!