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The Amalfi coast is breathtaking, the climate is temperate, there are flowering plants, trees and vines growing out of everything and nothing (stone walls, rock cliffs practically thin air!).  We went to Naples today, about 8 of us, with Nunzia one of my teachers who lives there.  She took us around on foot to the historic sites and to her favourite pizza place.  Then we walked some more ending up at the Bay where some of us returned to Sorrento by boat.  Naples has a much different feel than Rome, it seems more spread out and spacious, also dirtier in places from trash and car exhaust.  I was really struck by the amount of graffiti, some of which was very cool.  Like most great cities, there is too much to see in an afternoon but we had a beautiful day!

Graffiti in Naples

More Graffiti in Naples

The Cloister at Santa Chiara, Naples

Castle on The Bay, Naples


Here anyone can take a picture and capture a scene as good as you will see on any postcard.  It really is amazing…

Mia sorrella out in front of the school.

Ruins of an old Mill, downtown Sorrento

Marina near the school, Sorrento

Another Marina in Sorrento

Barce sulla spiaggia, Roseto

View of Montepagano from the beach in Roseto

La spiaggia in Roseto

Grapes in Roseto

A few  scenes from the home of our peeps…

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