Eugenio Di Rocco and Walter D'Ilario talking in dialect.

Looking out from Morro D'Oro

a "street" in Morro D'Oro

Just another little town in an old Mid-evil walled compound… this part of Italy has many of them.  We first came here 12 years ago with our mother’s zio Vittorio and met Eugenio and Lucia Di Rocco who are somehow related to our grandmother.  We have not yet figured out the link but, when Walter drove us there the other day Eugenio was standing right there in the town square with a bunch of his buddies!  Once the two of them started talking we were lost.  The local dialect is fast and clipped and of course is accompanied by lots of hand gestures.  We took a minute to get some photos while they talked!  It is so beautiful looking out from here, my pictures do not capture it.  Looking west you can see the Gran Sasso mountains peeking out around and above the clouds, it is spectacular!

Lou's pic of Gran Sasso from Morro D'Oro