Adriana and Walter D'Ilario on their balcony overlooking the Adriatic, where we had a beautiful lunch today.

It has been a fast four days here in Roseto degli Abruzzo, the birthplace of our nonni and home to cousins who redefine the word hospitality.  We have been fed and schlepped around and fed some more and we are feeling the love.  Check out my sister’s blog Ten Weeks in Italy for some great shots of the meals!  We are packed and ready to continue south west to Sorrento, our final week of school starts early Monday morning.  This sketch was from Orsan Michele in Florence, a detail from a heavy carved wooden lectern. I was attracted to the look of contentment, similar to what I am feeling now.  I am attaching some photos of the cousins too!

Anna and her pet turtle Gwendolina