Studying another language is hard work for sure, but there are some very funny things that can happen when you are trying to translate  using a minimal vocabulary and a sentence structure that is different as well.  I’ve heard about someone (I’m not naming names…) who went into a restaurant in Mexico and said “tengo mucho hombres”, which translates to I have many men.  She had intended to say “tengo tanta hambre” which is I am so hungry.  When the waiter laughed she meekly said “estoy mucho embarazada!”  This only made the waiter laugh more because embarzada means pregnant, not embarrassed.  So far I haven’t gone quite that wrong that I know of but during an exercise in this afternoons class I wrote a word in Italian but spelled it as if it were Spanish, que/che, they sound the same when pronounced, but it got us all laughing quite a bit.  There have been many funny moments, the people in my class are an interesting and entertaining bunch.  I’d love to continue studying here but we will be moving on this Saturday.  Time to test out my newly acquired skills in some small towns where few will speak English.  Wish me buona fortuna per favore!

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