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I am coming down from a fun filled birthday week.  An impromptu dinner with my son and his girlfriend at Cuzzy’s.   Homemade pasta dinner with friends TWICE.  Another dinner with friends we never see enough of.  Fresh baked Peach pie…twice.  Bike ride and brunch with Barb.  We saw Brian Auger (he’s 71!) at the Dakota with friends…it was so good we stayed for both shows.   Emails from two friends I haven’t heard from in ages.   A delicious poolside party with most of la famiglia at our friends across the street.  I even met a new friend!  Beer with a neighbor we don’t see often enough.  Lots of birthday wishes from far flung friends and family.  I am feelin’ the love.  Now I am checking things off the list for my upcoming trip to Italy, but  before that will be Labor Day Weekend with friends.  I was just winding down for the night when I saw this email.  It is the work of Dalton Ghetti, it is AMAZING!  Also see Silvermine site too.  That is inspiration to get the lead out!

This is another photo taken by my talented friend Andrea out by her pool of some sterling silver and faceted quartz earrings.  I will list them on etsy today.  My days are now pretty focused on prepping for a trip to Italy with mia sorella Mary Lou.  We leave in less than 3 weeks!  I will be blogging along the way and hope to show you some of the less traveled parts of the Abruzzi region where our grandparents came from.  Much of it is skipped over in travel guides so we will just write our own chapter as we go.   Much to do before I leave…Ciao!

We are in the midst of a hot spell, not that that would be uncommon in August but it has been particularly humid which is atypical for the prairie.  As a result I have been spending some time in the cool blue water of my neighbors pool.  It so happens one of those neighbors is a photographer, graphic designer, marketing pro as well, I’ve used her photos before but don’t you love this one she took of some earrings I made (from retro buttons) floating on some fabric in said pool?  I’ll be listing these on etsy soon!  Arrivederci.

A few weekends ago I took part in a Valentini dinner which was auctioned off at a Smile Network fundraiser.  The Valentini family all grew up around Valentini’s Supper Club in Chisholm, MN.  Needless to say, many of them are exceptional cooks.  This event is always a lot of fun and raises money for a great cause.  I am always happy to be an honorary member of the family for this event!  I made the gazpacho, but this great photo is from photographer Marty Berglin.  The rest of the menu was really spectacular too.  Basil, nasturtiums and chives all from my garden!

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