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It’s been a couple of busy weeks, lots of projects in progress but not a lot finished.  You know how that goes.  My friend Andrea is a fabulous photographer among other things and has been taking some MUCH better photo’s of some of the jewelry I will be listing on etsy.  Sometimes you really have to go to the trained professionals!

Tomorrow I am off  to a wonderful artist retreat thrown by the very talented and supportive Sara Lukinen of C Koop Beads .  Last year when I got back from there I was inspired to do a few little chicken drawings and make them into a set of pins.  I do lots of these little black and white drawings and it seemed like a good way to use them.  Looking forward to seeing what all these ladies have been up to since I saw them last!

Getting ready for dueling sales this weekend, Ted is doing a HUGE record sale so I decided to do a big Jewelry sale too.  This Saturday from 10 to 4,  and Sunday noon to 3.  Stop on by, everything is priced to sell!  Let’s hope for good weather.

Here is the third drawing from my photo’s taken at the butterfly museum last winter.  Next week maybe I’ll do a little coloring for you.  It has been raining a fair amount this past week here and we have a very hardy crop of mosquitoes (more commonly known as the MN state bird),  perhaps I should be drawing them?

Arrivederci amigos!

Another little drawing, a stylized butterfly wing inspired by all the mariposas we saw at the museum in Key West last winter (yes, I’m speakin the spanglish).  I just got done my Rosetta Stone Italian lesson and am getting very excited about my trip this fall!  Maybe I’ll start posting an Italian word or phrase a day in preparation…

I’ll think about that domani!  Buona notte amigos.

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