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Way out in the country, well off the beaten path in Alabama is a (geographically) secluded area called Gee’s Bend.  A few years back my friend Anna and I went to Milwaukee to see an exhibit of the quilts made by the women from that area.  We were blown away, as were many others by the exhibit which traveled the country for years.  Ted and I saw the show a few years later in Philadelphia and he loved it too.   Ted contacted the quilt collective that has been set up there and we went for a visit.  It is really beautiful country and was a great day for a drive so off we went.  Miss Mary Ann Pettaway opened the shop for us and we chatted and looked at the quilts and other items the ladies make.  It was an amazing afternoon.  Ted was talking to one of the women and I heard her say, “heck, we wasn’t thinkin’ about no art, we was makin’ blankets to keep the children warm!”  These ladies are the most unassuming, down to earth folks you could meet.  I will post the pictures I took along the way.  Afterwards, we went down to the river and sat on the dock listening to the water lapping the shore and enjoyed the quiet.  A great day.


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